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Review my new loop/song thingy

2011-07-25 07:13:29 by X3850

If you want me to reupload so it's a perfect loop, let me know cause I got lazy after uploading when I realized I messed up the export. Anyways, review away, THANKS!
Strawberry Letter


2010-01-27 22:50:10 by X3850

Editing a post.


2009-09-02 20:00:39 by X3850

Review my new song PLEASE! THE GOOD AND THE BAD! I'll take both! Thanks! By the way, it's reallllly long, and has a long build up. Also, it's a new style from me. /269443 /268571
It's a remix of basshunter's tutorial song.

Review My new Basshunter Remix!

2009-08-30 11:56:29 by X3850

Please review it, it's a remix of the song he showed us all in his tutorial.
Linkage: /268521


2009-07-26 14:28:33 by X3850

PLEASE! IT TOOK A WHILE! It's a remix of basshunter's Ellinor.

Called Particles of Life, review it. I've been making a lot of music lately out of boredom. Also I got Mirror's Edge for PC and PhysX kicks ASS. And I'm ordering my new build soon. Specs are:
Kuma Black edition 7750 AMD 2.8ghz which I'm gonna unlock to 4 cores :D
Sapphire Radeon HD4830 1gb
Shitty old case
500gb hdd 7200rpm sata
shitty jetway mobo
500w psu.
old dvd dl drive laying around
YAY! Congratulate me? I worked hard for mah monies. Thank you!

Seriously, review it. It's called "Camilla Remix."
Obviously it is a remix of basshunter's Camilla...

Review my new song!

2009-05-03 10:53:42 by X3850

It's A remix of camilla!
I call it "Camilla Remix".

Check out my new song!

2009-05-02 07:07:29 by X3850

It's a remix of Basshunter's Camilla and it took a looooong time. Please comment on it!
Camilla {{Remix}}